About Us

The Bradford Co-op has been providing crop recommendations for decades now.

The foundation to the Co-op’s success is based on its desire to build professional and personal relationships with customers and suppliers. We work closely with all our customers, and are always able to lend a helping hand.

The Co-op will provide knowledge, support, and advice linked with a wide range of available products. With the help of our vendors, we are able to satisfy most needs the farmers have.

The Bradford Co-op is a major supplier for the greenhouse and nursery growers, and is always expanding its product offerings. These products include containers, soil mixes, fertilizer, pesticides, greenhouse plastic, ground cover fabrics, shade fabrics, fans, bags, hand sprayers, packaging supplies, bushel baskets, elastics, ph meters, safety wear, tape, watering nozzles & wands, etc.

In order to bring everyone together, the Bradford Co-op holds a yearly Muck Vegetable Growers Meeting – Trade and Equipment show. This provides our farmers the opportunity to engage with vendors and enhance their crops through new information and/or equipment.

Please feel free to contact or visit our well established location in Bradford. And if you have any questions about Greenhouse products, please feel free to contact Steve Andela at our office.


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Bradford Co-operative Storage Ltd.

61 Bridge Street, Bradford, ON L3Z2B1

Phone (905)-775-3317

Matt Sheppard (General Manager)

Steve Andela (Greenhouse and Growers Supplier)